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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

The world has become a scary place. Every time you turn on the news or scroll through social media, there’s another tragedy. It’s overwhelming and can make you feel helpless. It becomes easy to think that your actions don’t matter, that the world’s problems are too big or people are too far gone. I beg of you, please don’t let those thoughts become your lifestyle.

Continue to choose kindness when it’s most difficult, because that’s when the world needs it most.

  • Choose kindness by supporting someone in need.

  • Choose kindness by exchanging a kind word with a stranger.

  • Choose kindness by walking away from a negative situation, instead of escalating it.

  • Choose kindness by telling those close to you that you love them.

  • Choose kindness by reaching out to someone you’re missing.

  • Choose kindness by putting an extra quarter in the parking meter for the next person.

  • Choose kindness by holding a door, lending a helping hand, making a donation or volunteering.

Every single time you choose kindness, you’re making the world a better place. 

There is no gesture too small. You can be an example. You can make an impact. You can make a difference. The world needs kindness. The world needs you.

Take a look at how kindness works wonders for you, the giving hand is more blessed than the hand that receives.

Kindness Reduces Stress

Several studies have found that kind people have less stress in their life. It cannot be otherwise, for a person who is not concerned and aware with others problem. When he is able to empathize with others, his own problems seems smaller in comparison. Isn’t it correct?

When you understand the pain of a person who doesn’t even have legs, you understand that if you are not able to buy those expensive shoes, it doesn’t matter because there are people who cannot even wear a pair of shoes.

Kindness Makes You Happier

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion; if you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

There is so much truth in these words. When you are kind to others, when you have done an act of kindness and see other’s face lighting up with happiness, you can feel the joy inside you. Kindness and happiness are contagious. They easily spread.

It is said that the hands that shares fragrance, always smells sweet. So it is in life. Kindness is an anti-dote. Whenever you feel miserable and unhappy; spread a bit of kindness on others and you can see the result yourself.

Kindness Empowers And Motivates You

There are people who commit suicide because they feel so hopeless and helpless. A person, who is kind and helps others in need, knows the value of his life. He can help so many people around him who are in need. Without him there is no one else to help them. This realization that you can help others is highly motivating.

It gives strength to achieve the impossible. Remember, all great leaders whether Gandhi, Mandela or Martin Luther King drew strength from the fact that their efforts can change the life of so many. This empowered them through so many obstacles and struggles.

Kindness Often is a Free Gift You Can Give Others

Often kindness does not cost money. It does not mean just giving money to charities. Few kind wordsof support and understanding to a person who is deeply stressed, can enliven his life and give him strength to carry on. A kind word of appreciation will do wonders to an overworked public servant, and will boost his morale like nothing else can.

All it needs is a sensitive kind heartthat can feel other’s pain. You can give a person a lift, help him carry his load, open the doors for the old and infirm, give people directions when they seem lost, help someone whose vehicle is stuck; there are hundreds of ways you can show and do an act of kindness.


The moment we dissociate generosity from life, life ceases to have any meaning. Imagine a planet somewhere in another solar system, with a mass of humanlike figures without compassion or generosity existing in their hearts. It would be like a planet of zombies. That is how important kindness and generosity are, the very essence of human life.

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